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Harta Karun

"Cooking is about PASSION, so it may look slightly temperamental in a way that it's too assertive to the naked eye"

—  Gordon Ramsay —



Our HartaKarun, is our treasures of food indulgence that we want to share with you, that we want for you to exprerience.

We offer a massive array of a finely selected menu consisting of traditional Malay dishes, all solely for catering and delivery orders, all packaged in a convenient to-go cup. This makes our selection the best option for outdoor engagements, simple light parties, or even excursions or tours, as all the food is prepared to be consumed easily and conveniently, whilst on the go. 

Click on to see the menu options and you can proceed to order the same today for your next makan fiesta, at work or at home, or even outdoors, for your makan convenience. 

Seen enough? What are you waiting for?
Fortune favours the bold.




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